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All-On-4 implants are permanently fixed and look and function like normal teeth.
A denture, or partial denture, can be removed and has to be taken out every night for cleaning. Despite being held with dental adhesive, dentures often slip, or fall out, even with normal use, making everyday life, including eating, talking, laughing and just being active, a challenge.
All-On-4 provides solid, permanent teeth which look and function like normal teeth and are cared for in the same way. They All-On-4 allows patients to bite with more force than with dentures, enabling them to eat almost any favourite food with confidence.

All-On-4 dental implants are ideal for people who have dentures, or who may need them in the future. They are also suitable for people with very few and missing teeth. Your age does not matter, although you should be in good general health.

In the vast majority of cases, bone grafting is not needed. The implants are fitted at angles to ensure a solid foundation in the densest, healthiest areas of bone.

Unless you tell them, no-one else will know you’re teeth are implants. Thanks to the consultation and planning when we discuss how you would like your teeth to look and the craftsmanship of our dental technician, your All-On-4 implants will look, feel and function exactly like normal teeth.

Typically, around two-and-a-half hours per arch.

Yes, the Exeter Dental Implants Clinic can perform a ‘double arch’ procedure in just one day. Our surgeons and support team will be with you throughout both procedures to ensure you feel comfortable through every stage of treatment.

Many patients initially decide to have just one All-On-4 arch, while keeping their removable dentures on the other arch. Once they have experienced the benefits of the All-On-4 arch, they often decide o have the second one fitted.

Your temporary teeth will still enable you to, eat, talk and do everyday, normal things with total confidence – and a beautiful smile. It is essential that your gum tissues are given time to heal; the implants must be completely stable before the permanent teeth are fitted.
Your permanent teeth will normally be fitted up to three months later. They will be modelled to fit your healed gum tissues and we will we ensure they are an ideal fit in your mouth. We won’t be happy until you feel comfortable with them and your bite and smile are perfect!

During your initial All-On-4 consultation, your smile will be ‘evaluated’ to ensure that after surgery the line will be hidden behind your lips and cannot be seen.

No. Because your new teeth will be supported by implants they will not push down on the gum tissue and cause pain or discomfort. And as the pressure is eliminated, bone underneath the implants is saved.

The force of the bite you make with implants is considerably stronger than with dentures, so you can happily eat whatever you like – with the confidence of knowing that your teeth will not slip or fall out.

In exactly the same way that you would normal teeth. Brush and floss them twice a day as part of a good, regular at-home hygiene regime. Most importantly, see your dentist and dental therapist for regular dental and hygiene check-ups.

With good oral hygiene and regular check-ups and hygiene appointments there is no reason why most patients will not be able to enjoy the use of their implants for decades.

No. At the end of your All-On-4 consultation, you will be given a treatment plan in writing, including timeframes, and a full breakdown and details of all the costs, from X-rays and CT scans, to your permanent teeth and overnight accommodation, if required.