Ill-fitting dentures, or a mouthful of failing or missing teeth is miserable. They make life uncomfortable and very often painful, and can take the joy out of even the simplest of everyday pleasures.
It’s only natural that we should all want to be able to eat, drink, talk, laugh and smile without ever having to feel self-conscious about our teeth.

Many people who lost their quality of life and their confidence when they lost their teeth believe it may just be too late to find a solution. But there is one – and it could turn around your smile, and your life, in just one day.

All-On-4 Dental Implants can give you a permanent, fixed set of new teeth.  And because it’s so efficient, All-On-4 saves on treatment and healing time – and costs.
Traditional implant procedures require six to eight, or more, implants per arch. All-On-4 uses just four per arch, each positioned at crucial angles to support a new arch of teeth.

During the procedure our highly qualified and experienced implant surgeons, who are specially trained in the All-On-4 procedure, will place two implants towards the front of the mouth and two others at the back. They will then fit an arch of replacement teeth to the implants.

No bone grafts, just one procedure – and it can all be done in a day, whether you want one or two new arches fitted.

And caring for your new teeth could not be easier; brush, floss and make regular check-ups and appointments with your dentist and dental therapist or hygienist.

All-On-4 Benefits

Immediate results

The procedure is completed in one day: you will leave Exeter Dental Clinic with new implants.

Natural-looking, feeling and functioning teeth

Eat, talk, smile and laugh with confidence. Nobody will know they’re not your own teeth – unless you tell them!

Customised for comfort

All-On-4 implants are customised to perfectly fit your jaw and mouth; they will not push down on gum tissue and cause you pain or discomfort.


Conventional implants can require eight to 10 implants, plus bone grafting. All-On-4 uses just four implants in a far simpler procedure.

Eat what you want

Implants are considerably stronger than dentures – and they won’t slip or fall out.

Easy to care for

Brush, floss – look after them just as you would normal teeth.